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Today's Pool Hours - 11:30a to 8p  
Pool Clean Up Day
Saturday, May 06 at 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Pool Clean Up Day
Major Pool Project:
Retrieve all furniture from large pavilion, clean both tops and
bottoms and place around deck in appropriate areas.
If there are additional volunteers, these are some things we are
hoping to accomplish before the pool opens:
Along Zion Drive/Parking lot:
 Lots of weeds in parking lot. Weed killer, burn off using propane torch. (Adult only of course)
Path to Bonnie Brea: Started on April 8 th , need to complete.
 Cut English ivy climbing trees & wood fence.
 Trim back ivy from chain link fence. (String trimmer?)
 Trim away the English ivy creeping onto path. (Great use for gas trimmer)
 Rake all stone back onto path.
 Transplant volunteer red bud alongside Bonnie Brae path.
 Dig out bamboo plants on lower part of path.
Front Side of pool house:
 Snake drain
 Clean and edit as needed.
 Clean chemical/pump room
 Replace straps on 6 lounge chairs, 1 small chair. (This entails heating the straps so they can be stretched)
Volunteers should bring: sponges, gloves to protect from cleaning product used to clean furniture.
Any family volunteering at least two hours on any given workday will be given 8 guest passes.
All volunteers will be invited to a volunteer appreciation party on Friday, May 26th (no rain date). 
Let us know you'll attend...

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